Introductory Course Tutoring

This service is designed for first-year CIS majors or students taking a CIS course for the first time. Most sessions, I’ll be writing code for you to follow along with as we complete small assignments. The standard rate is $30 an hour.

Intermediate Course Tutoring

This service is primarily offered for students that understand programming concepts but need help debugging and re-writing coding assignments. You will be writing most of the code as I make suggestions and offer ways to improve algorithms. The standard rate is $40 an hour.

Specific Assignment Assistance

I also offer students the option of directly guiding them through a large project or homework. Essentially, we will meet to discuss the parameters of the project and I will give you a quote for the cost based upon the effort required to complete. We will at least have two Zoom meetings before the project is finished.

Starter Code

I addition, I can give you code that helps you get a head start on concepts you do not understand. The standard cost for my starter code is $50.


Good Tutor

He will try everything to get the answer for your assignment as fast as possible. However, it might take a little bit longer on some parts due to the complexity of a project or assignment. Xee, 1 lesson with Benjamin

Xee, 1 lesson with Benjamin

Amazing Tutor

Ben is absolutely amazing and has the patience of a saint. I am learning machine learning with him and enjoying every minute of it. I am a mediocre programmer and he is helping me improve that. HIGHLY recommend.

Sara , 9 lessons with Benjamin

Let’s get you that A.