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Code Dog Tutoring was established in 2019 by owner and lead tutor, Benjamin Vaughn. Benjamin has over four years of tutoring experience across a wide range of STEM subjects that include programming and mathematics from the high school to graduate student level. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned his bachelor's degree in business as well as computer information technology from the University of Oregon in 2021

Along with running his tutoring business, Benjamin has been working as a Data Analyst for Siemens DISW for the past two years. In his free hours, he spends time with his wife, Paige, and goes out fishing when he can manage.

The Business and Team

CDT offers a unique online tutoring experience for computer science majors, data analytics bootcamp students, professionals looking to increase their coding skills, and aspiring data analysts. Our area of expertise is online tutoring for coding and programming subjects but we tutor for high school math courses as well. Languages that we teach include Python, Flask, Javascript, Java, HTML + CSS, REACT.JS, Node.JS, MongoDB, Ruby, and more!

Our team is made up of quality tutors that can accomodate every learning style. We ensure that you will be matched with a tutor that can provide you with valuable assistance with your specific subject or course. Programming tutoring involves a great deal of hands on learning so our teaching format typically involves you (the student) bringing your course materials or project guidelines before the tutoring begins. Sending PDFs or Word documents of your assigments or projects will get you matched with a tutor much more quickly which is mutually beneficial!

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